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  • Paulo Leonido

    Teacher Spotlight: Celebrating teachers we love! This week, we put the spotlight on Teacher Paulo Leonido. A yogi for 9 years who is known for his bubbly and friendly personality inside and outside of class. He teaches yoga to transform and touch people’s lives.   Full Name: Paulo Gerardo C. Leonido Funny nickname: Yogibear Home studios: Yoga Hive (Yin Yoga/ Vinyasa Yoga), The Farm at San Benito (Yin Yoga/ Gentle Yoga/ Vinyasa Yoga), Naked Yoga Manila What prompted me to become a yoga teacher.. was for a transformative lifestyle, self-care, and to touch people’s lives If I were not a yoga teacher, I would be.. a flight attendant Favorite Asana: Headstand Favorite Yoga: Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga Fashion Style: Minimalist Favorite Food: Anything healthy and yummy Favorite Singer: Madonna Favorite Movie:...

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    01/22/2018 832