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  • Teacher Spotlight: Celebrating teachers we love!

    Aileen Abuel   This week, we put the spotlight on Teacher Aileen Abuel of Mindful Movement Asia (known as Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio). An all-around athlete and fitness enthusiast, she treats Pilates as her “happy therapy” and loves how it brings out the best version of herself.  Funny Nickname: My relatives call me Len Len ☺   Home Studios: I’m an exclusive teacher to Mindful Movement Asia (Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio). I teach Stott Pilates.   Other Previous/Present Profession: Full time nurse or professional athlete.   Favorite Type of Pilates: Athletic and rehab conditioning Stott Pilates.   Favorite Pilates Pose: Swan Dive… or anything that extends my upper to mid back.    Favorite Food: Buffalo wings, and anything with lots of cheese (Lasagna, Mac N’ Cheese, etc.)   Favorite Movie: Messages from...

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    10/20/2017 7