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  • Patti Grandidge-Herrera

    With Patti, no two days are ever exactly alike. A self-proclaimed "third culture kid,” Patti’s been up and about the world pretty much ever since she was born. She counts the Philippines, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Malibu as some of her many homes. Her career has spanned countless professions and fields – from being a writer, entrepreneur, model, TV host, brand ambassador, content contributor for, social media influencer, and more. There’s nothing she hasn’t done and nothing she can’t do.  Patti is rocking The Manduka Libertine Bralette and Manduka Flux Legging     Her secret? The constant drive for a better self. In the midst of her many accomplishments and commitments, Patti has always made it a point to maintain a fit-and-healthy lifestyle - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether it be her Yoga and Pilates...

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    03/17/2017 55