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Together we have the power to reach out to women all over the world and motivate every single one of them.

What started as a passion to deliver unique and inspiring designs to fellow gym lovers, Lorna Jane has now given a whole new meaning to staying fit and healthy - it’s a lifestyle that transcends the walls of the gym.

Aside from industry leading technology, expert craftsmanship and hi-tech performance fabrics, Lorna Jane represents a global movement of women living their best, most beautiful lives through Active Living.

Producing monthly bespoke collections available in more than 150 stores in Australia and the United States, as well as stockists in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, our garments provide each wearer with a distinct sense of energy, vitality and a “take on the world” approach to life.

All for the love of health and wellness, the Lorna Jane sisterhood aspires to be their own personal best by embracing the daily practice of  Move Nourish Believe, and just like Lorna, Active Living runs through the veins of any girl who chooses to wear her 3 icons with pride 




Lorna Jane Clarkson, founder of activewear and active living.


We all know the term Activewear. It's been used to describe the global phenomenon of fashionable workout wear that has transcended from gym and yoga studios to everyday life and for every occasion. From travel to shopping, from day to night - Activewear is now truly everywhere.

You would know that Lorna Jane Clarkson is the most awarded Fashion Designer of Activewear. But what you may NOT know is that she was also the first to coin the term over twenty-five years ago.

Frustrated by the dull and uninspiring range of Activewear available for women, she took matters into her own hands and started sewing her own outfits while working as a fitness instructor in North Queensland. Her designs quickly gained a following, with the women in her classes placing orders upon orders for her custom-made pieces.

After quitting her day job as a dental therapist and moving back to Brisbane, Lorna began designing full-time. Demand increased and she launched the labels first retail store in 1990 in Brisbane's CBD, with her husband Bill Clarkson by her side.

As word quickly spread about Lorna's feminine and functional designs, her sisterhood grew with new stores opening across Australia and its first ever store in the United States in 2012.

There are now 155 stores worldwide, with the brand inspiring a global online movement embraced by hundreds of thousands of followers. Lorna Jane's popular online destination Move Nourish Believe is a place to learn, grow and be inspired to live active every day.

"Our customers are the culture and essence of our brand and their loyalty has always been incredibly special to me. When people wear Lorna Jane they are telling the world they want to be fitter, healthier and live a more inspirational life."

Now celebrated as an icon of Australian fashion, Lorna lives and breathes her brand's values. Her role sees her overseeing the creative direction of her company, directing entire collections and marketing campaigns and paving the way to Active Living through the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe.



Today, she represents MORE than Activewear by inspiring women to live their best life through Active Living and the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe. Lorna's story began 25 years ago when she single-handedly revolutionised women's fitness clothing and began building the Active Living category.

"Our vision extends beyond the product. We don't just sell Activewear, we sell an active way of life. Our garments encourage women to achieve their best through Active Living and ultimately reach their full potential."

Highlights of Lorna's career include; winning numerous RAQ Fashion Design Awards, receiving the 2011 AMP Capital, BRW Award for Australia's Outstanding Retailer of the Year, publishing her books Move, Nourish, Believe: The Fit Woman's Secret Revealed in 2011 and MORE of the Fit Woman's Secrets in 2013. Lorna's first cookbook, NOURISH - The Fit Woman's Cookbook was released in 2014.



LJ EXCEL™ Classic

Our best selling fabric used for the majority of our performance pieces utilising microfibre technology. It is thicker than other fabrications to create the ultimate supportive and flattering fit.


Designed to keep you cool and dry whilst being lightweight, moisture wicking and comfortable.

 LJ EXCEL™ Core Stability.

The 'shape-wear' of activewear, combining our LJ EXCEL™ Classic fabric with strategic paneling of LJ EXCEL™ Power Mesh to smooth trouble areas, streamlining your silhouette and improving posture. This fabric is commonly referred to as 'The Fit Woman's Secret"

 LJ EXCEL™ Compression

With an ultimate 8-way stretch, it eases muscle soreness and stimulates blood circulation whilst reducing fatigue and lactic acid. Perfect for high intensity activities and post-workout recovery.

 LJ Active

An exclusive range of lighter Hi-Tech performance technology fabrics to take you from the studio to the street.




*Lorna Jane is available in Certified Calm here in the Philippines.

Source: www.lornajane.com.au


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