The Grit Girls

The Grit Girls



There’s a new gang in the hood, and they might be your newest best friends.

Apparently, not all gangsters are found in the streets, most times they are killing it at the gym!

Meet the Grit Girls Gang, a diverse team of three females, from different fitness backgrounds, with

different bodies,but all with the same goal; help you, their newest fitness gal, to be the best version of

yourself. Let’s find out more about them, shall we?#




Still searching for the definition of grit? Stop. It’s right here or should I say, SHE. Lexi is exactly who you

are looking for. Grit is screaming all over her defined abs, and toned body! Into a decade now on her

fitness journey, beginning from her athletic years in grade school until high school up to date, we can

say that she’s the type of woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants once she sets her heart

o it. She’s someone who believes that fitness as a way of life, requires passion, patience, and a lot… and

when we say a lot, we mean like a lot, of hard work. What a fitness inspiration this girl is!





This is not her first squad, to be honest. Back in college, she was one of those girls tumbling while in sky

high, doing stunts and jumping around the field during kick-off season. And don’t think about the

typical, old-school, pom-pom girl because in fact, she was a captain of one of the top cheerleading

schools in the Metro! And boy, that’s a lot of self-discipline for sure. With that extensive background,

you know it’s going to be a hard training with Cam, but still a super effective one!





Kids, if somebody tells you that lifting weights make you bulky and masculine… Well, guess what? That is

just complete BS. Don’t believe that myth that everyone is talking about because in fact, it’ll do the

exact opposite: tone your body all over, burn stubborn fats and curve your body in ways you never knew

would be possible. Quite interesting now, eh? Ida here can show you how. A dentistry student and a

martial arts artist, she is all about building muscles and increasing strength even when you’re short on

time. All things fitness, training smart and nutritional science, she’s got you. Ready to muscle up?



Grit Girls Gang is dedicated to delivering effective workouts and fitness tips to other women. It is their

passion to educate women, of all body types, on how to train, eat healthily, get in shape and maintain it

for life. Got grit? Sign up now!



Visit their website for more information and follow them on Instagram, @gritgirlsgang






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