• Paulo Leonido

    Paulo Leonido

    This week, we put the spotlight on Teacher Paulo Leonido. A yogi for 9 years who is known for his bubbly and friendly personality inside and outside of class. He teaches yoga to transform and touch people’s lives.Read More

    01/22/2018 Home, SPOTLIGHT, TEACHER 2445
  • Aisa Locsin-Winternitz

    Aisa Locsin-Winternitz

    Funny Nickname: Peachy (to my sisters), Boo (to my little boy, short for boobie. Yes – a breastfeeding advocate and PROUD OF IT!)Home studio/s: I teach for Yoga Plus, a chain of studios in Manila that I own with good yogi friends who have become like a family over the years. I also teach trainings and Anatomy around Asia for All Yoga Training. Aside from teaching Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, I also teach yoga therapeutically to private clients in Manila. Read More

    12/18/2017 Home, SPOTLIGHT, TEACHER 1271
  • Che Rivera

    Che Rivera

    “Can you imagine going to work and doing the stuff you really love? After multiple exercise, Pilates was the only thing I could stick with. And no matter how much you know, Pilates is always challenging you. The mind-body connection it provides is deeply satisfying.” – Teacher Che RiveraRead More

    12/11/2017 Home, SPOTLIGHT, TEACHER 598
  • Ginger Diaz-Serrano

    Ginger Diaz-Serrano

    This week, we put the spotlight on Teacher Ginger Diaz-Serrano of Evolve Yoga & Fitness. Driven by the positive changes her personal yoga practice has brought her, she decided to become a teacher to be able to share the benefits of yoga to others.Read More

    11/17/2017 Home, SPOTLIGHT, TEACHER 810
  • Aileen Abuel

    Aileen Abuel

    This week, we put the spotlight on Teacher Aileen Abuel of Mindful Movement Asia (known as Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio). An all-around athlete and fitness enthusiast, she treats Pilates as her “happy therapy” and loves how it brings out the best version of herself.Read More

    10/20/2017 Home, SPOTLIGHT, TEACHER 1304
  • Roland Dela Cruz

    Roland Dela Cruz

    This week, we put the spotlight on Teacher Roland Dela Cruz. A yogi for over 17 years, he loves how yoga allows him to find his true natural state: bliss, truth and consciousness.Read More

    09/27/2017 Home, SPOTLIGHT, TEACHER 1020